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SnipCopy is a tool that allows you to extract text from anything on your screen - pictures, PDFs, whatever!

SnipCopy is inexpensive and leverages Tesseract - a leading tool in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). SnipCopy was built for Windows

Also available as a free app on Apple AppStore

Get started for free (30 day trial) or buy the full product for $5.00


Read Text From Anything

SnipCopy makes it easy to extract printed text from any document, image, or other content on your computer screen.

English Language from a Scanned Book

In this example, SnipCopy is pulling text from a scanned copy of Dracula.

Dracula scan

Simplified Chinese Text Extraction

SnipCopy also supports a variety of language packages to pull from most character sets and languages.

Chinese receipt

German Receipt Text Extraction

In this image, SnipCopy is pulling the text off a picture of a German receipt.

German receipt

Want to get started?

Getting SnipCopy setup requires having Tesseract installed - but once you're configured, using SnipCopy is simple and fast. Follow the steps below or watch this video.

  • 1

    Download SnipCopy

    Download either the 30-Day Trial or Full Edition of SnipCopy.

  • 2

    Install SnipCopy

    Place the SnipCopy download anywhere on your computer. To create a shortcut, right-click on the downloaded file in Windows Explorer and "Send To>Desktop (Create Shortcut)".

  • 3

    Download Tesseract

    Download the Tesseract OCR engine here. Follow the installer prompts and make sure your Tesseract destination folder is "C:\Program Files\Tesseract-OCR".

    SnipCopy supports many languages, but the default Tesseract install only includes English. If you want to use other languages, please find the complete language list HERE. Purchasing a full license entitles you to all future releases of this SnipCopy.

  • 4

    Extract Text!

    Start SnipCopy and start extracting text! You can press the "Snip" button or "CTRL+SHIFT+C". The extracted text will output in SnipCopy and copy directly to your clipboard so than you can paste the extracted text.